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About Us

Neilson is a family owned company that has been manufacturing Cap and Gowns, Honor Cords, and Tassels for the graduation industry since 1994 at its factory in Hicksville, New York. In 2004, the company significantly increased domestic production through the acquisition of additional equipment and the establishment of a new production facility in Miami, which was eventually relocated to New York, and merged with the original facility.

Neilson is a completely vertical producer of Graduation related products including Cap & Gown, Honor cords, Tassels, Stoles, and other regalia. We also manufacture Chainette Yarn, twisted and braided cord from 1/8" to 1/2" in diameter, with a fully staffed hand assembly department for the manufacture of tassels. 


With the merger of Rainbow Ribbons and bows, we have expanded our production to elastic products, including vinyl stretch loops, barbed elastic, and other elastic assemblies.

Neilson serves a variety of industries including graduation, decorative packaging, and home furnishings.  We complement our stock offerings with product customized to your specific requirements. 

Please contact us at, or call us at 631-454-0400 or 888-456-4255, to discuss your project.

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